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Mercedes-AMG’s decision to create a range of more affordable V6-engined saloons, estates, coupés and roadsters to complement its V8s is great news.

The SLC may not be an ideal way to launch the ‘43’ sub-brand, but it does prove that AMG wants its lesser models to be exciting and engaging – no less seriously sporting for being a little more usable. Which we applaud.

AMG’s new V6 shows promise; SLC shows progress but mostly its age

It’ll take a while to get used to the idea of an AMG that’s a bit less vigorous than some of its rivals, of course, but although the SLC 43 meets your performance expectations more meekly than you might expect, there is more power to come from AMG’s V6.

The SLC 43 is easier to recommend to some, but tougher to most. Engaging handling gives it more dynamic appeal than any AMG SLK ever had but, in so doing, its creators may have compromised on what has made the car palatable as a laid-back cruiser. The SLC is also showing its age now.

As a result it falls short of the Jaguar F-type V6, Audi TTS and the imperious Porsche 718 Boxster.