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The first Boxster helped to establish Porsche’s current reputation for being uncannily adept at measuring (and often exceeding) customers’ expectations.

To properly enjoy the latest model, though, that correlation must be inverted.

Better than ever objectively, but at the expense of vital subjective appeal

It’s buyers who must measure their expectations if they are to accept its downsizing of displacement – and arguably prestige – as satisfactory.

For most, this will be about weighing objective pros against subjective cons. The entry-level Boxster does not sound or accelerate or inspire as it once did.

But it is faster in the real world, more efficient, better inside and better handling than ever before.

Dispassionately, it remains the finest open-top sports car at its price by some distance – enough, certainly, for a sun and fun seeker to buy without a second thought.

Only an enthusiast would testily and not incorrectly point out that dispassion is the new Boxster’s most noticeable and unnecessary shortcoming.

Even so, the Porsche Boxster still tops our list of convertible sports cars with it pipping the Audi TTS Roadster, Lotus Elise Sport 220, Alfa Romeo 4C Spider and Mercedes-Benz SLC 300 AMG Line.