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A £9000 price cut is no bad place to start for this section, and that’s ostensibly what the range-topping SLC has had.

Some will argue that you’re getting a lower-order performance car here than you might have with the SLK 55, but we’d agree only in the narrowest of terms on out-and-out acceleration and certainly not in handling appeal.

CAP doesn’t expect the refresh to do much to improve SLC residuals, which lag behind rivals

The SLC 43 undercuts a 718 Boxster S, equivalent BMW Z4 and, it’s predicted, Audi’s upcoming TT RS Roadster.

Clearly, Mercedes’ commitment to performance value with these new 43 models is to be taken seriously.

If you are keen on a SLC 43 then we would recommend opting for the Comand Online infotainment and the Harman and Kardon stereo. Ignore the memory seats, illuminated door sills and the Magic Sky Control roof.

And how seriously should we take AMG’s commitment to fuel efficiency for this new breed of V6 models? With a pinch of salt, perhaps – albeit a very small one.

The SLC 43 averaged 26.5mpg on test and returned 33.0mpg on a touring run. That compares with 25.6mpg overall and 35.9mpg touring for the 718 Boxster.