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This week: Maserati MC20 supercar revealed, Ineos Grenadier designer interviewed, how to buy a used Mercedes G-Class and much more
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16 September 2020

It’s been fifteen years, but Maserati has finally revealed a spiritual successor to the limited edition MC12 supercar: the MC20.

Taking the fight to McLaren, the Italian marque’s first supercar in almost two decades isn’t cheap, but with power coming from an own-design V6 and further convertible and electric models in the works, you can bet that it will find many eager buyers.

For the full lowdown of what we know about the once-in-a-generation model, pick up a copy of this week’s Autocar.


Elsewhere is this issue, we get our first clue at how Jaguar’s next-gen cars will look, courtesy of the refreshed F-Pace. Although evolutionary rather than revolutionary, it sets a precedent for future big cats according to the brand.

Perhaps you want something more retro? The Mini Moke is returning to the UK market for the first time in 56 years, giving quirk-loving petrolheads plenty to think about.

Meanwhile, for those more wedded to the modern touch, Lucid has revealed its new Air electric saloon, arriving to rival the Tesla Model S with up to 1065bhp and a claimed range of 517 miles. The new Hyundai Tuscon then covers all the angles - literally - with a bold, new sharp-edged look, new tech and a wide range of powertrains.

In other news, Skoda is planning a range of Enyaq iV electric models over the next few years as it looks to capitalise on the growing demand for EVs, while Nissan has revealed the long-awaited successor to the Z sports car, although we’re not sure all will be taken by it’s ‘interesting’ grille.

Subscription-based car use is a hot growth area and the theme for this week’s Business Section analysis piece. We hear why Volvo reckons Netflix-style have a bright future. Speaking of futures, what of the much loved but much vexed city car? Slight runarounds aren’t dead yet, but innovation is needed to secure their future, says Jim Holder.


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The Gelaendewagen is Mercedes' take on the rugged, boxy Land Rover Defender with more added luxury

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Audi is bringing Sportback in the first of this week’s first drives. The S3’s 306bhp and four-wheel drive throws a gauntlet for the BMW M135i and Mercedes-AMG A35, and showcases new upmarket credentials, but will it impress our testers?

Then, the ti name returns in the 1 Series 128ti, which debuts as BMW’s first real mainstream-style hot hatch. We’ve driven a pre-production prototype. Meanwhile, the Audi SQ7 swaps diesel for petrol and is all the better for it, and continent-crushing comfort doesn’t hurt too. And does the Hyundai i30 Fastback N Performance benefit from minor but worthy revisions?

Finally, in the road test, it’s time to take the clipboards to the Mercedes-Benz GLB. What else does it offer besides butch looks and extra space? We find out.


In the lead-up to the iconic E-Type’s 60th anniversary, we take a new F-Type to the Belgian motorway on which Jaguar made its name as a sports car maker to consider its past and future.

We say a eulogy for Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, where like the Assassin’s creed, everything was permitted - so long as you were on wheels. Then we meet the designer of the Ineos Grenadier - he’s an award-winning artist but this is his first car.

There’s more variety than ever before on the new car market, but there are some glaring gaps, too. We list 10 cars we wish existed but inexplicably do not… yet.

Last but not least, we meet the winner of this year’s Autocar Great Women initiative. Alison Jones tells us about plotting PSA UK’s course through Brexit, new CO2 rules and a global pandemic.

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It’s not quite Bruntingthorpe, but Steve Cropley is nevertheless thrilled to be back at Millbrook, testing a host of the latest EVs. Later in the week, the Concours of Elegance beckons and Steve explains why his admiration for Claire Williams and Lewis Hamilton is growing. Matt Prior, meanwhile, explains why Belgium, though likeable in other respects, is Europe’s worst country to drive through. Well, except England.


Mondeo estates are plentiful, cheap and good fun to drive, explains James Ruppert, so if you’re searching for an interesting petrol load-lugger for under £1000, these should be your go-to pick. Those in search of something sportier and with a slightly more expanded budget could do worse than a nearly new Mazda MX-5, and finally the Mercedes G-Class comes under the microscope in this week’s used buying guide.

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5 April 2018

As usual, this week's edition (dated 04APR2018), is a very good read, and well worth the investment. The road test of the eighth generation of Roll-Royce Phantom - with its "mahogany panelling" - illustrates that moneyed wealth, should NOT be confused with good-taste!

The sales pitch for next week's issue (to be dated 11APR2018), whets our appetite with the Used Buying Guide  . . .  "Mercedes-Benz CLS. Can't afford the new one? Then read our guide to Merc's original style icon".

The original CLS certainly was a style icon, with all the svelte elegance of a Parisian - or Italian - chic designer item.

That streamlined elegance was lost when the original's "facelift" incorporated the bluff, Teutonic, more upright, corporate Mercedes radiator grill.

The new, current, incarnation of the CLS (page 29, of this week's magazine), shares all the style, delicacy, and substantial "presence" of a rugby prop forward!  It is not a case of "Can not  AFFORD  the new CLS?".  More a question of why would anyone wish to purchase such a vulgar and brutish vehicle?

It is (again) a reminder that the ownership of wealth, is NOT the same as the possession of good taste.







18 July 2018

....totally agree!

19 July 2018

Why the GT2 RS isn't  a five-star Porsche?

Well, according to the German car magazine Sportauto the McLaren 720 S is the better supercar.

The 720 S is razor sharp and yet poised, while the GT2 RS is a bit unhinged.

22 July 2018

Good overall read this week, except for the iPace vs Tesla review, which is a biased storyline developed clearly ahead of the cars being reviewed.  Essentially, the premise looks to convey an analogy between two passenger jets and how the second to market - the Boeing 707 - went on to lead it. Unfortunately, much like his story, he apply's 20th century motoring thinking to a 21st century ownership problem. In other words, he clearly doesn't get what the shft to electric is about. Not only that, many of the facts are just incorrect, like 0-60 time that amongst the others if they had been published correctly, would make the reader question how the author could possibly have reached such a conclusion. This disregards the fact that the iPace is better compared with the Model 3 (same size). Not only that, but the test cars were over 25% apart on costs - with the iPace being more expensive. Really dissappointing journalism. 

8 August 2018

Oh good... Another JLR product takes the cover spot.  Must be at least an issue or two since the last one. 

8 August 2018

Oh good... Another JLR product takes the cover spot.  Must be at least an issue or two since the last one. 

3 September 2018

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26 September 2018

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24 October 2018

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