Doctor's orders: what makes you fit to drive?

There's a whole lot more to being fit to drive than you might believe, as we hear from the BBC's resident medical expert, car fanatic Dr Mark Porter


Subscriber Extra: Exploring the Landie capital of the world

A six-day trip to the Falkland Islands to test the Freelander 2? All part of the job, explains Steve Cropley


Steve Cropley: my supermini face-off winner was surprising

This week our man ran his Lotus Elan among a motley crew at Shelsley, and reminisces about time spent in Lamborghinis


Steve Cropley: Why Goodwood was a great fit for Ford boss Jim Farley

After a meeting at the Festival of Speed, our man reports that the Blue Oval CEO is as entertaining as ever


Aston Martin Valhalla: design boss on creating a hybrid supercar

Marek Reichman tells Autocar how a videogame concept inspired the Valhalla and reveals his highlights

Aston Martin Valhalla 02
Aston Martin Valhalla: concept vs production

Aston Martin boss: how the Valhalla concept got to production

CEO Tobias Moers explains why Aston's new supercar now uses a V8 and costs £300,000 less


Steve Cropley: Even rain couldn't dampen the Lotus Emira launch

Our man experienced a long but enjoyable haul to Lotus’s Hethel HQ for the official unveiling of the Emira sports car

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Autocar's favourite races: 1976 Monaco Grand Prix

From F1 to kart racing, we all have that one race that will forever stick in the mind. These are our highlights

20 LUC Thierry Bollore JLR Cropley Tisshaw 2021 0001
"It was clear Land Rover still had a lot of potential. Jaguar? It was damaged"

How JLR boss Thierry Bollore will reinvent Britain's biggest car firm

JLR CEO tells us about his radical plan to transform Jaguar into a luxury electric brand


205mph McLaren Artura gets UK public debut at Goodwood

All-new £185k PHEV supercar showcases Woking firm’s new era of electrification


Steve Cropley: Wishing Wells all the best with its new sports car

Cropley was impressed by Robin Wells’ approach to building a capable and accessible sports car